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We are the TRIBE: Trustworthy-Respectful-Involved-Brave-Excellent!

Principal's Message

Dear Lakeland Community Families/Students,

It is with great pride and anticipation that I welcome all of you to a new school year here at Lakeland Jr. Sr. High School. It is already apparent that the partnerships that exist between the dedicated staff, families, and community play a vital role in the child-centered approach to education. I am eager to maintain this positive school culture and to forge strong relationships and connections to ensure the best education possible for our students.  As we strive to maintain the highest expectations, our focus this year will be on equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for success in their future college and career plans. There is a crucial sense of urgency to raise the bar for all students here at Lakeland by increasing our performance on PSSA and Keystone Exams that align with PA State Standards. It is my belief that we already have many of the resources necessary to compete at a much higher level in the near future and we ask that you take the time to encourage this desire in our students as we move forward together!


A top priority this year will be ensuring that students are regularly on time and in school all day.  Attendance policies will be enforced and cooperation between our school and Lakeland families is essential. Please note that the Student Handbook outlines specific attendance requirements for participation in sports and extracurriculars. Pennsylvania State Law requires that school districts address habitual tardiness/absences with mandatory Truancy Elimination Plan (TEP) meetings held with a Children & Youth liaison present. Again, we value the educational time spent with your student. We need them to arrive on time, and to stay in school!


School Privileged Events (SPEs)

Students receiving major discipline referrals within the time interval leading up to a School Privileged Event (including but not limited to: Dances, Homecoming, Prom, and Powwows) will not be permitted to attend or participate.  These events are scheduled throughout the year to acknowledge students for following and meeting TRIBE behavioral expectations. All students will be able to attend the first Powwow, but subsequent SPE participation is only offered to students that meet TRIBE expectations and have no major office discipline referrals.



The Board of Education realizes that cellular phones and wireless communication devices are effective communication tools used in today’s society.  The Board of Education prohibits the use of these devices by students, unless specific permission is granted by a building-level administrator, or faculty member during the school day in school buildings.  High school students may bring cellular phones to school each day, but between 7:47AM and 2:35PM, the cellular phones must be turned off. Cellular phones may not be used by students during this time period without the permission of supervising faculty and/or staff.  Cellular phones may be carried by the students in their pockets and book bags, but may not be visible unless permission has been granted for use. Cafeteria use will be granted.


All students who request a Parking Permit in order to drive to and from school, and to use our parking lot, must show a copy of the vehicle registration, a valid driver's license, and a proof of vehicle insurance in order to be granted a permit. You are expected to park in the student parking lot only.  Immediately leave the parking lot after parking the car. Do not park on grass or sod areas. Drive slowly, (15 mph) while on school property. Do not smoke or loiter, etc. in or out of cars on school property. Arrive at school on time. Continued tardiness or parking/driving violations may result in loss of driving privileges. Cars may be towed for violation of school procedures.  Cars in the school parking lot are suspect to search upon cause.


Dunkin/Morning Attendance

Students arriving to school on time (prior to 7:47 am) are permitted to bring in one order of Dunkin (or similar morning breakfast/coffee).  Students are not permitted to bring in more than one order (such as to distribute to other students).  Students arriving Tardy-Unexcused will not be permitted to retain their Dunkin/Coffee. If students arrive Tardy-Unexcused with Dunkin/Coffee, it will be disposed of upon entry into the building.

Food Orders

Students in all grades are not permitted to order food during the school day, or to have food delivered to the school building.  Delivery and pick-up of food orders is a major disruption to the school day. We value the educational time spent with your student and work hard to minimize school day disruptions.  

It is my desire to work collaboratively with you to provide our students with a strong foundation for success and it is important to me to provide an opportunity for us to get to know one another, so please, if you find yourself needing assistance, please feel free to contact me in the high school office.

Wishing all an outstanding 2018-19 school year!  I look forward to working with the Lakeland community and it’s most precious resource, our children!



Carmella Bullick

High School Principal