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We are the TRIBE: Trustworthy-Respectful-Involved-Brave-Excellent!

Principal's Message

Dear Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School Families,

Moving into the position of Principal, I am excited to open our school doors and welcome everyone to the new school year.  Together, we will provide a year of opportunity, learning, and growth for our students.  As we strive to maintain the highest expectations, we want to focus on equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and habits needed for success in their future college and career plans.  With that in mind, please take a few minutes to review some of the updates that have been made to our policies and procedures:

School Privileged Events (SPEs)

Students receiving a major discipline referral within the time interval leading up to a School Privileged Event (including but not limited to: Dances, Homecoming, Prom, and Powwows) will not be permitted to attend or participate.  These events are scheduled throughout the year to acknowledge students for following and meeting TRIBE behavioral expectations.  All students will be able to attend the first Powwow, but subsequent SPE participation is only offered to students that meet TRIBE expectations and have no major office discipline referrals.

Dunkin/Morning Attendance

Students arriving to school on time (prior to 7:47 am) are permitted to bring in one order of Dunkin (or similar morning breakfast/coffee).  Students are not permitted to bring in more than one order (such as to distribute to other students).  Students arriving Tardy-Unexcused will not be permitted to retain their Dunkin/Coffee.  If students arrive Tardy-Unexcused with Dunkin/Coffee, it will be thrown out upon entry into the building.

Food Orders

Students in all grades are not permitted to order food during the school day, or to have food delivered to the school building.  Delivery and pick-up of food orders is a major disruption to the school day.  We value the educational time spent with your student and work hard to minimize school day disruptions.  

Final Exam Exemption

Students that receive no minors and no majors between the first Powwow and final exams will receive ONE exemption pass that may be used in participating courses.


Our focus this year will be ensuring student are on time and in school all day.  Attendance policies will be enforced and cooperation between our school and Lakeland families is essential.  Again, we value the educational time spent with your student.  We need them to arrive on time, and stay in school!

As much as we value the opportunity to work with the students while they are within the walls of our school, we recognize the necessity of the support we receive from our Lakeland parents and families. Please support both the policy changes above, as well as the policies outlined in the student handbook (available online through to your student throughout the year. We are continually striving to provide the most relevant, rigorous, and engaging educational program for our Lakeland families, and again, we thank you for supporting us in reaching our goals.


Mr. James Pivirotto, Principal

Lakeland Jr./Sr. High School