Lakeland Jr-Sr High School

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We are the TRIBE: Trustworthy-Respectful-Involved-Brave-Excellent!


Tier 1: Universal Support

The ultimate goal of TRIBE is to improve overall school climate and to lay foundations for building relationships that will pay dividends in the future. Together through consistency and positive relationships, we will improve the behavior of all students. TRIBE aims to decrease behavioral infractions, showing annual improvement. We hope to develop a positive school community, to teach everyone the expectations for our school, and to acknowledge students for being members of the TRIBE. By concentrating on positive behaviors, we will create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment. Being consistent with addressing students when they do and do not meet our behavioral expectations will increase compliance, provide them with greater structure, and clarify expected behavior. TRIBE encompasses five (5) behavioral expectations. Students, faculty, and staff at Lakeland Jr/Sr High School will demonstrate the five (5) behavioral expectations within both the learning environment and non-learning environment settings at all times.


Tier 2: Targeted Support

Tier 2 Support is designed to provide targeted interventions to support students who are not responding to Tier 1 Support efforts. Interventions within Tier 2 are more intensive since a smaller number of students require services. These students make-up 15% of the student population and tend to engage in more serious problem behaviors requiring a little more support.


The basis of Lakeland’s Tier 2 program is:

  • Each student is given a faculty mentor.

  • Each morning, these students will meet with their mentors to discuss daily goals and receive a DPR (Daily Progress Report).

  • The student is to carry this sheet to each class. The teacher will take notice of his behavior in your class and record behavior goals at the end of the period.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to present you with the DPR. However, teachers are encouraged to ask/remind him (at least for the start of the program).

At the end of each day, students will return to their mentors to “check out” and briefly discuss the day’s progress.