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American History I

Basic Information

Lakeland School District - Kristen Lewis

American History I, 2422

Room 120



In this course, we’ll come together to learn how Europeans, Africans, and Native Americans created a distinctly American way of life.  Important contributions made by individuals and groups will be discussed while we cover the political and social aspects of American history from the rebellious pre-Revolutionary period to the conclusion of the tumultuous American Civil War and the tragic death of Abraham Lincoln.  Knowledge of early American history will be applied to current events throughout the course.


Course Rationale

In order to know where we are going, we need to know where we came from.  The study of American history is important to gain insight into our past so that we can apply it to present and future situations.  Knowledge of early American history will be applied to current events throughout the course.  A cross-curricular approach will be utilized in order to link social studies to all content areas. 


Course Goals

  • Compare the role individuals and groups played in the social, political, cultural, and economic development of America.
  • Analyze the impact of important documents, historical sources, and artifacts on American history.
  • Evaluate the impact conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have had on the growth and development of America.
  • Analyze the impact of technology and innovation (Industrial Revolution) on the growth of America.
  • Analyze the impact of the movement of people (westward expansion and immigration) on America.
  • Evaluate how continuity and change have impacted America.
  • Evaluate historical information and apply it to modern happenings and current events.


Methods of Instruction

New information will be presented in lecture format via Slides presentations.  It will be reinforced through in class assignments, homework, individual and group activities, research projects, essays, student presentations, videos, discussions and community outreach initiatives.  


Course Component Specifics and Requirements

Research will be conducted several times throughout this course and MLA format will be used.  Failure to properly cite your work is considered plagiarism and it will not be tolerated.  Cheating will also not be tolerated.   Cheating is considered copying assignments from other students and using restricted means (phone, internet, others, etc.)  to gain information during an assessment.  Complete all work honestly and independently as plagiarism and cheating will result in a zero for that assignment or assessment.   


Please bring your Chromebook or another computer to class everyday.  Phones are not permitted.  While most papers and assignments will be distributed and collected electronically, you should also have a notebook, folder and something to write with.  Your textbook can be accessed online using the link at the bottom of this section.  The link is also accessible on Google Classroom and links to specific chapters will be provided as the year progresses.  It should be bookmarked for easy access, since we will be using it frequently.  Arriving on time, with proper materials, a positive attitude, and a willingness to actively participate in lessons is of vital importance.  In order to do well in this class, always try your best, follow instructions, remain positive and ask questions.


Attendance and Make-Up Work

Attendance will impact your grade in this class.  Missing class means missing important information.  If you are absent from class, work needs to be promptly made up.  It is your responsibility to find out what you missed and make it up.  If you miss class, you can check Google Classroom or Infinite Campus for missed work.  If you need assistance, feel free to contact me.


District Approved Late Policy
1 day late 5% off
2 days late 10% off

3 days late 30% off
4 days late 40% off
5 days late 50% off
*After 5 days late, the paper/project/homework receives a zero.
1 day late 25% off 
2 days late 50% off
3 days late  75% off 
*After 3 days,  the presentation receives a zero.



Students will receive a letter grade that is in accordance with the student handbook.  The grade for this course will be determined by points earned in three categories.  The categories are tests, quizzes and homework.  Tests are worth 55%, quizzes are 30%, and homework is worth 15% of your total grade.  In addition to traditional tests and quizzes, projects will frequently be used as a means of assessment.  Each quarter, a test grade will be given in the form of a daily class grade.  This grade is a combination of independent and group classwork completion and presentation.


All assignments will be posted on Google Classroom and Infinite Campus.  They will be updated daily and will contain information on grades as well as upcoming assignments and assessments.  Check them frequently to stay up to date.  Please be proactive and do not wait until the end of a quarter to check your grades. 


How to Reach Me - Office Hours

Please email me at [email protected] if you have questions or need any help.  Emails will be returned promptly during school hours.


Schedule of Topics Covered in American History I

The Road to Revolution

The American Revolution                                                         

Confederation to Constitution                                                     

The Constitution and Constitutional Amendments                      

Launching a New Republic  

The Jefferson Era                                                                      

National and Regional Growth                                                    

The Age of Jackson                                                                   

Manifest Destiny    

A New Spirit of Change    

A Nation Breaking Apart                            

The Civil War Begins                

The Tide of War Turns    


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